2 O2 Sensors In Dc Sports Header

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I am swapping a B16 From a JDM SiR with PW0 ECU into a 89 Si. Thsi ECU requires 2 O2 sensors in order to run in closed loop correctly(See HONDATA TECH ARTICLE) I want to run a DC Sports Header which has only 1 Sensor bung in the collector. Where should the sensors be installed? Maybe try to match factory locations? DCSports doesn't seem to want me to weld in bungs in the header Primary's and I can't get a good answer why not. Any Ideas?
One goes on the cat. It's on the top at the muffler side of the Cat. You can get a "fake" one for that sensor.
I just drilled a hole and added a second o2 sensor bung right next to the other bung. Of course you have to weld it in. I have done this and it works just fine. Then again you could probably put it anywhere and it wouldnt matter, since OBD0 isn't that sensitive.