2000 CR-V - b20b JDM to USDM b20 swap problem

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Anthony Bear

New Member
I have replaced the USDM b20 in my 2000 CR-V with a JDM hi-comp b20b.
Mechanically, the swap went pretty smoothly, and once we figured out the CKF sensor situation, I have since properly done the wiring jump-out to solve the P1337 code.

Problem is, the car still runs like crap, idles terribly low, wants to stall, tough to get to rev up, and when I do, and come off the gas, the car wants to stall again. Most times, I can go WOT and the car won't rev up...
No CEL codes are currently present.

None of the information I found online said I need to swap the ECU. It all talked about how, "because you're swapping a JDM (without CKF sensor) into a USDM car, that the stock ECU will throw P1337 code until you jumper the specific wires, yada yada yada" - that doesn't lead me to believe that it would require a different ECU.
http://ff-squad.com/wp/?p=309 This thread, in the text, DOES say that this works for USDM CR-Vs in addition to Civics & 'Tegs.

Does anyone have any experience and input?