2001 Jdm Itr Rocker Arms On B16a1

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I just picked up ITR LOST MOTION ASSEMBLY (14820-P73-J01) for my B16A1 build up, now I want to know will the ITR rocker arm assembly fit on my B16A1 w/o any problems?
going a little off the subject I had a guy offer me a ITR head for $580. Is this a good price? I haven't done any head work on my B16A head yet...I already have ITR valves, springs, Skunk2 ratainers, brass valve guides (new uninstalled). I have CTR pistons, CTR Cams, and an ITR intake, now will the ITR Head be my best bet, or should I invest the $$$ in port/polish, valve grinding the B16A head. After all this forum is all about engine build up. Thanks guys.
if i were you, you already have the ITR parts, plus new brass valve guides, i'd spend the money on building up your current head. the only difference with the ITR head is it has a mild port and polish on the intake side of the head. put that $580 towards your headwork, because in the end you will have a better flowing head than the ITR.