2002 Civic Ls

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im relatively new to all of this, but what are the best power mods for a 2k2 civic?

max price around $3500.
Yeah go turbo. But I don't think greddy has one out for our car yet. go to turboperformance.com and they will have a turbo kit within your price range. I heard that the exhaust manifold is pretty weak on that kit though. Go to 7thgencivic.com and search for turbo stuff. You'll get most of the info you need.
i wouldn't put a turbo on the stock motor. i have one myself, and was asking the same question. ur only going to be able to boost 4-5 pounds. thats only 40-50 horsepower, not much when u only have 115 stock. i have NoS on mine. its a 50 shot pill, set up as a fogger. which is equivelant to a 30 shot. thats only 30 horsepower. it still gets up for sohc non-vtec though. even without NoS. what im planning on doin with mine is fully building my motor, run low compression, and slap a t66 turbo on it. but i want to have a more powerful motor, and also hear v-tec again. so i think im just goin to swap the k20a2 into my car. after i save up for awhile, and get lucky enough to find a wrecked rsx at a junkyard. thought i might be able to help u out with that. goodluck
D17A2 right? go turbo.....nitrous will only help you on the short run......if you manage to have a good turbo with less AFL, i think you'll be fine....
High compression is for naturally aspirated vehicles. Low compression is for turbo pistons. It's a really big explanation why. Click the link below if you wanna find out.

if you have an lx swap an ex head on it (vtec) youll have alot of money to build up the ex head it would really pay off