2011 Hard Parkin' Meets

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Posted from my forum of Hondas of New England. 2010 season was very popular and we had great turnouts at most of the events. Meet is open to anyone and everything. We try our best to keep out the riff-raff so no burnouts, racing or anything stupid. The meets are primarily Hondas, but its not limited to just Hondas. It's a low-key meet for like- minded enthusiasts. We usually hang out until 8-9pm, then head somewhere locally for food. Chris knows whats up and will vouch for most of the people at these not being sketchballs. We are also hoping a bunch of guys in F2D to come up as well from RI.

Trying to get bigger turnouts each month for 2011, we'd advise everyone to invite their friends.

This year we have a rain-date location in downtown Worcester right off Rt290. PM me if you have any questions.






Who: Everyone

What: Wicked Hard Parkin'

Where: 146/90 Park & Ride

When: Friday nights 6pm start time

- March 18th 2011

- April 15th 2011

- May 13th 2011

- June 17th 2011

- July 15th 2011

- August 19th 2011

- September 16th 2011

- Octember 14th 2011

Why: Because

Directions and map below!

From RI:
Take 146 North to the MA Pike exit. Follow Green Line

From Metro West, Boston, 495 etc:
Take MA Pike to Exit 10A. Follow Red Line

From Western CT:
Take 395 North to 20 East, Follow 20 East for a few miles, watch for signs for MA PIKE/146, Follow Yellow Line

From the Rest of CT:
Take 84 East to MA PIKE East, take exit 10A, Follow Red Line

From Worcester:
Take 146 South to MA PIKE exit, Follow Green Line

From Western MA:
PIKE exit 10A, Red line.


werd... it should have been parked over by the s2k at least