2fast 2 Furious Trailer

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yup, everybody and there brother is gonna want an exhaust that emits pretty colors :tfg:
and yeah it's real easy to do 140 on a straight road and not look were your going :tfg:

to get people to actually come see this movie they had to get Tyrese and Ludacris to star in it, again :tfg:

This film might be entertainment at it's worst.

I honestly wonder how that movie is going to do opening on the same night as the Matrix.
and on my b-day
it looks better than the first one, but that ain't too hard to accomplish...I'm guessing they did more research this time.

I just can't wait for the night of the release. I'll be driving around with my camcorder filming all the ricers who will be getting speeding tickets.
great another reason for cops to get ideas and maek my life hell. like the first one was'nt enought already., I remember when it came out there wer elike 7 curser outside the theather, cause people were felling the need for speed after the movie..

oh well that's hollywood 4 ya
you have to admit, seeinga rustang get totalled undera semi would be pretty cool on the big screen !!!

"oh yeah, i was made for this stuff......dog" :ghey:
That purple eclipse is fucking gay, good riddance to punk ass Mustangs, and the scene with all the cars coming out of the garage is a rip off of a drag racing movie I saw a long time ago. Don't remember the name, but one of the cars was called the widowmaker. What a ripoff!!!
well as for the first movie all i have to say is WORST MOVIE EVER!! but this new one might very well take that title. this sucks especially for me, cause i am just starting to fix up my 93 civic hatch, so now all i'm gonna hear from all the retards is "hey are you making a fast and furiuos car" then i will be arrested after i beat them to death
i absolutely hate that... i live in a small town in AR, and all the rednecks can say is "hey... a fast-and-furious car" my car looks stock, has no BS wings,stickers, etc... but because i drive a honda, i am "F&F"
Well, IMO it's ok. It's not top notch, it's just ok. Fine they are not Honda Swizzap sleeper mobiles but you have to give them some props for creativity. It's freakin' Hollywood. They do show some nice cars ( skyline, evo, supra) minus the the neon paint ( not that I'm hatin' if that's your thing) and stickers out tha yang yang. They had to feed the sheep by having Tyrese and the the Luda in there.. they make money so they were smart about who they put in their movie.. And come on.. A RUSTANG GETS CRUSHED.. BY A SEMI .. and then to add more pain for the domestics what slams into the back of the mangled rustang? a VETTE.. :owned:

P.S. .. I don't care how ghey you think the movie is.. I'd drive around in a bright ass neon pinto, flooring it to 140 (with my b16b swap) doing the no look at the road thing if I was sitting next to Eva Mendez.. she's freakin hoTTT!!!!
dude, i think it sad that the Mustang gets crushed. it a Saleen. :( i don't care how much you hate domestics you have to respect them, especially a Saleen.
i think the movie will bring out all the ricers we've learned to hate but that's what happens. i can't wait to see the the Skyline...i've seen pics and the trailor ...it sweet...
Originally posted by EGLSHB@Apr 10 2003, 11:36 AM
i absolutely hate that... i live in a small town in AR, and all the rednecks can say is "hey... a fast-and-furious car" my car looks stock, has no BS wings,stickers, etc... but because i drive a honda, i am "F&F"

Where at in Arkansas? I have lived in Bentonville and Clarksville and Bentonville/Rogers are rice central and you are lucky to see an import in Clarksville. I guess its b/c they are so use to seeing them. <shrugs> :)
i can see a ton of accidents happening because of that 'stare and drive' shit.
first off, ill admit, im gonna go see it. But i saw an article on it in (maybe sport compact car?) and all of the cars look like they came straight out of the latest lowrider euro mag.(exept paul walkers skyline)

P.S. what do u guys think about that throwing it into reverso on the highway? really realistic, and smart too, i put 10 bucks on it that ill see some fag try that the night they are on their way home from the theater.
This movie proves the decline of western civilization and that evolution is indeed reversing.