3.0l Yamaha V6

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My dad has a 1991 Taurus SHO. yeah yeah its a ford.... only its not. 89-94 SHO's are Yamaha powerd. According to ford they have 220 HP stock. According to Car and Driver they have roughly 235.
Also they have been tested at 11000rpm by SVT, the test was 24 hours long without problems.
When they went to put it in to a car they found a major set back... Accessories started to blow out around 8500rpm.

I was just wondering how much work it would be to horseshoe it in to an Accord or Prelude.

Even with fuel cut off at 7500 it can peel thru 1st and 2nd without problem even sustaining the burn as its hitting the cutoff :D
its an awesome engine and with few mods it could easily push 300 HP and have a rev limit of over 10000.

just wonderin what youz thought.
Different versions of the SHO engine- the auto and manual were rated at different power outputs too. I think the latest jellybean SHO was 235, and the older boxy ones were 220... but it's been a while since I've looked at SHO specs.
Taurus SHO's haul. They've repeatedly beaten a 98 Camaro Z28, a 92 Camaro RS with 305, and 98 Mustang V67 (duh) that I've seen. I love the Yamaha engine, but they have two camshaft sensors that always go out. A new stock clutch for one is $450
The V6 engine is great but the second or third year they were out, they switched to a small displacement yamaha V8. The v6 was/is indistructable but the v8 had major problems with its camshafts. The major problem is that the camshaft gear would snap off, stopping that cam shaft and then keeping the valves open resulting in bent valves, broken bottom end stuff, even accational parts going through the block. Normally this happens at about 60-80Kmiles. Yamaha has been making replacement parts for the engine but some people have had repair bills that go as high as 10K (kinda got screwed)