$300 Sohc Accord Vtec Longblock

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Senior Member
i got a accord vtec motor for sell its got a automatic tranny
the tranny wont shift after second gear
(its in fail safe mode)the shift solinoid cost 400 so he bougtht full swap for 600 now i got free motor and tranny
anyways my friend gave it to me after i swap it out fot a another f22 motor
im selling cheap because its taking up space in my garage it has everthing from intake manifold to oil pan ,map sensor,iac,even auto tranny speed sensor
i can send pic
if u want it ship i can do, but last i try it cost 500 to ship a h23 to florida and thats discount through the ford dealership
also got sir2 no distur, fuel rail ,or vtec solinoid has intakemani, to oil pan, $700
thanks for looking