330 Hp B18c1

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:blink: Ok, here's the thing, I have a CRX and i wanted to know what you think about a setup like this in a CRX??? I was reading in a old Super Street magazine (november 2000 page 242) and there's a guy with a 95 civic dx and he has:

*1.8L B18C1
*Crower Connecting rods
*JE pistons and piston rings
*Ziel Motorsports balanced crankshafts and intake plenum
*Crower camshafts
*SIS valves
*Integra Si-G valve springs
*DTA engine management control system
*Bosch fuel injectors and fuel pump
*TWM fuel regulator,fuel rail,and individual throttle bodies
*HKS Turbo header (modified)
*Cusco cam gears
*MSD DIS-2-ignition box
*HKS sparkplugs,blow-off valve,and intercooler
*IHI RX5 F1 ball-bearing turbo
*Porsche 911 Turbo wastegate & port & polished cylinder head
*Fluidyne radiator
*ACT clutch

ALL MOTOR WORK DONE BY ZIEL MOTORSPORTS (that's what's stated at the end, no e-mail addy or number or anything) it states that on the dyno run it produces330hp (not sure if that's at the wheels) but it does say that a reproduction of this engine would be @ $17k I don't know how true that is but i would love to have it in my CRX!!!!!!

what do you think about this set up in a CRX?? let me know!!
Originally posted by Rated-CRX@Feb 25 2003, 10:26 PM

it states that on the dyno run it produces330hp (not sure if that's at the wheels)

if its a dyno run then its at the wheels
Originally posted by TypeRcivic@Feb 25 2003, 09:30 PM
if its a dyno run then its at the wheels


True, but you never know with Stupid Street.

330whp isn't really that hard- it just takes the right combination of parts. You can do it for much less than $17k. It may take $17k to build THAT engine, but you could probably do it for about $10k.
You can get close to that power with a stock ls/vtec turbo setup!
Why do yall guys hate Super Street? They are the only magazine (that i currently read) that lists the specs, which makes it a whole lot easier to see what the car is runnin. As for them just having dream cars, id say its a mix. Theres lots of hondas, fast allmotor ones and turboed. As far as the accuracy goes, its usually what the owner tells them.
Werd I think Super Street is the best import magazine (in the states) that there is. It's like democracy, it's a horrible way of government, but it's the best we got.
??? ok, so what do you guys think about a similar swap in the CRX?

K2e2vin what allmotor engine runs with those hp numbers??

Darivative what kinda hp would i be lookin at with that ls/vtec & turbo set up? what size turbo is needed to reach a 330hp range? and wouldn't a stock ls/vtec with a turbo that takes it to @330hp be deadly for the stock engine?

i just want to know what you guys think about, that engine, and what kind of set up could i use to be @ atleast 300hp??? thanks guys for the replies, please keep them goin!! thanks again!!!
I hate Stupid Street because they generally have a lack of technical detail, they cater too much to boobs and not tech :) etc... it's just my personal opinion. I did read through a few copies that I got for free, and they're always fun to read, they just seem to gloss over a lot of the information that I really think they should be including in their articles. They are getting better though- those issues are thick!
As for the magazine arguement, I think Super Street popularizes both sides of the spectrom. With carshow coverage to drag coverage, and a decent amount of TECH articles, all n all, its a good mag. Then you have Sport Compact Car, lots of tech and lots of vehicle coverage. So, its all what you want.

As with any engine, 330 whp is abtainable with a strong and thurough build. Take a look at what works and what doesn't. If people blow their stock motors' pushing to much boost, see what it takes to run that desired boost level or more, of thats where you wanna go. Lots of people think that if you dump money in to your motor, adding parts you see in
"Super Street" then you'll get some crazy hp numbers. They're missing the whole point! What is that we are into? Import TUNING- Build your engine and TUNE IT, then if you want more out of it, build it a little more then, TUNE IT!! And so on-ITS ALL ABOUT A PROPER BUILD AND GOOD TUNING!!!

Good luck with your build, and that Seventeen Thousand dollar build was because the guy used alot of parts from some european cars, like Porsche, which had to be modified for his motor. Use what works and What fits- You'll spend less time and money which can be used for TUNING your motor and ecu or stand-alone.
yea i prefer sport compact car or import tuner or even turbo magazine