3rd Gen Lude Swap~help!

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i have a 88 prelude si 4ws 5 speed, and i am looking into my first engine swap. my father is a mechanic, and constanltly is swapping engines...but american ones. he can help me swap the engine, but he cant help me chose 1. i have 135 hp now, and im shooting at getting 150-220 for "somewhat" cheap. Will any of the h22's, h23's, or f22's fot into my car? what are some good sites for engine swap kits?

There aren't many swaps for the 3rd gen prelude, Due to the low hood angle our engines tilt forward whereas all other b-series engines tilt backwards (like the B18's). I swapped out my b21a for a JDM B20a, your car being an 88 has a B20a5 i believe, the B20a has a bit more power 143-147. If you wanted that 200 hp goal u will have to go with an H22a out of a newer prelude. There is a comapny called HASPORT (i think) that makes the motor mounts to make this possible but there is a downside to this... The H22a weighs more than the b20a's and is bigger than the b20a's..

If you went to the h22a or a JDM version you would lose air conditioning and powersteering (i believe), unless you and your dad can find a spot for the sytem, you would also need new axles... Also the H22a's oil pan will sit lower than your current one, so if you lower your car the chance increases for you to do some damage to the engine (at least the oil pan)


Rumours are that 3rd gen preludes with H22a's don't handle well...

my plans for that horsepower will be to build up my JDM B20a till such time that the H22a swap becomes a reliable and effective replacement for the b20a ....

Any other questions?
hey, thanx a lot, so u got a 3rd gen lude huh? well, what exactly would u recommend for a swap? whats the most hp im gonna get out of any enige that will fit, im new to this swap stuff, and i need a lot of help. So if u could give me a buncha tips, i would greatly appreciate it. and is there anthing else that i could do to "rice" my car up?
Ima2nr has a crazy 3g lude....it has the h22 swap and its turboed i think.....that shit is crazy.....you should talk to him
kool, but last night i wrecked my lude at about 60 mph into a parked car when i lsot control, i totaled my front end, and the damage is estimated at like 3000. will my lude engine fit into my 87 crx?