3rd Gen Lude Swap

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Junior Member
i have an 88 prelude si 4ws, and i need a reasonable engine.tranny for it. Whats the biggest(fastest) motor that could fit into it? this is my first engine swap and i need help. where can i get a cheap lude engine?
thanc for the info, but last night i wrecked my car. i lost control at about 60 mph and hit a parked car. the oarked car got hit so hard it went out ouf park, and went into the opposite side of the street about 17 feet from where it was originally located. so yea, that car is pretty much totaled in the front end, and insurance mos tlikely wont rebuild it all because its not worth it and theres prolly 3,000 worth or damage. so yea, anyways. i also have an 87 crx, will my lude engine fit in it? cuz the prelude engine still runs.