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40 rednecks dippin Sckoll driving 500 miles in a circle does not impress me.
Originally posted by Afipunk21@Feb 12 2003, 03:57 PM
It's all about F and 1! NASCAR takes left turns, a monkey could do that.

Don't forget the "go fast" part. :)

Went to see the CART race in Denver this year. What a fookin blast.
I have only been to one racing event and that was a indy (not sure if it was cart of the other leauge) but it was at michigan international speed way which is just a big oval track plus we could not even see the pits. I wish i would have gone to the Detroit grand prix when it was up here. Its no more because detroit sucks and we dont care if the city goes to hell. :(
If there was an import racing association that ran imports like they do nascar, most of you all would be drooling. Its to the simple fact that a lot of ppl dont like nascar because its all domestics. I dont give a fuck, going 175-190mph is flat hauling ass, whether its in a monte carlo or a CART car.
use to go watch the sportsman, supersport, and outlaw races on the clay tracks when I was a kid. Had an older cousin who raced supersportsman, infact I think my mother still might have her "Passmore racing team" jacket.. Fun stuff, we use to stand next to the fence so the water truck would spray us :spin:
anyone who doesn't like nascar either
a: hasn't been to a nascar race or
b: doesn't really appreciate racing in all its forms

Yes, Nascar does race twice a year on road courses. They are Watkins Glenn and Sears Point. Whether or not they make left hand turns is irrelevant because it is another form of racing. Nascar doesn't knock drivers who only run quarter miles they actually encourage it as another form of racing through sponsorship. You say Nascar is boring because they don't make left turns but quarter mile drivers only go straight so racers who are dissing on Nascar that run the quarter mile stop being hypocritical and give Nascar a chance...Nobody used to give Honda's a chance in a race and now many domestic drivers fear them......If you haven't been to a Nascar race I emplore you to go to one, their a blast........I've already got my tix to the Rockingham race and can't wait to go......Sorry for the venting, but I can't stand to see people who call theirselves racers dissing on another form of racing that they haven't even given a chance to know whether or not they really like it. It's alot different being in the stands at a race than watching it on tv.....

it's just funny seeing all the people get all hickerbillied up and wearing leather multi colored jackets and sitting on top their motorhomes... or wait... their homes.
The funniest NASCAR clip I have ever seen is of a group of cars on Sears Point last year. Everytime they would turn right the cars would dump all kinds of fuel. I had to laugh.

You're right, I don't appreciate racing in all forms. NASCAR could be driven by monkeys, in fact I think it would be a whole lot more entertaining they replaced the drivers with monkeys. Hell, replace the pit crew as well. I wouldn't miss a race.
ive never been to a NASCAR event... but from a viewing at home standpoint i must say i prefer CART, F1, Rally, leMans, Super Bike, etc... im not trying to knock nascar but its kinda repetitive and somewhat boring to watch (kinda like watching tennis ;) ) im sure this is very different when actually attending the event (i hate watching sports but actually going to the game is kinda fun even if i really couldnt possibly give less of a fuck about the game)... when watching CART, F1, Rally, leMans, Super Bike, etc.. im actually interested in the race and get somewhat of a rush... when watching NASCAR, i find myself hoping for an accident to spice things up (kinda like watching hockey for the fights :) )... i also find Drag Racing to be pretty boring (watching it and doing it)...i do respect NASCAR and Drag as forms of racing, i guess i just prefer heavy cornering