4g63 go kart

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i wanna see him open that bitch up on an open track..
That looks pretty sweet....I think more car companys should start producing cars like the atom....just a simple cart car....it would be a lot cheaper than any super car but just as fast and fun
My girl has the idea that a stop sign doesn't mean to actually stop, but to just stop accelerating. I guess this guy does, too. Either that or the brakes suck.
Yea your right. When they find out your riding around with bad/no brakes they just get mad.
To a cop, excuses are like assholes--everyone has one and they all stink. Cops have heard every excuse in the book.
Ive found it really is best to just tell the truth... most the time! :)
i got a ticket for racing about 6 yrs ago... when i got pulled over he asked you know why i'm pulling you over.. i said "for racing" .. "yep" .. got a ticket for speeding..
My last speeding ticket got dropped to a parking ticket. :D

A $100 parking ticket! :( lol