4x100 4x114.3 wheeeel spacers

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for sale are my wheel spacers. confirmed fitment on all 4x100 4x114.3 cars. i guess thats pretty much any civic/accord/prelude/integra etc etc.

they are almost 1/4in thick. ive run them on the mirage for almost 2 years now. time to upgrade to wider wheels for the spring/4g63 swap. will work fine with stock lugs. i know this since 5g civic/mirage wheel studs are exactly the same size and length.

asking 50 shipped. you can im me at "Subl1meRomeo", email me at "Chrisswebdesign@verizon.net" or PM me here. located in central mass.

if pics are requested, ill take them when i get my digicam back from my gf.