5g Rear Brake Conversion

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What is needed to be swaped for a Integra Rear brake conversion. Must you swap the lower control arms to do it? Or is it just the whole rear trailing arms and the control arms are the same.


Thanks. Both sites cleared everything up. I plan on keeping it 4 lug(though ITR would be cool) for the rear brakes. It appears that the lower control arms are the same or at least similar on civics and integras. The difference is the upper control arms, the trailing arms, and compensator arms.

I have some damage to the left rear crossmember that holds the lower control arm to the frame of the car. Basically, I don't know if i can take it out, I dont know if i can get it back in, and i dont want to try to. I had a frame shop check it out and they said it was a waste of time to fix unless i was absolutely needed it done. All it does is upset the ride height by about an inch on that side but that can be fixed with a coilover kit. Just no rear lower tiebar for me.

Anyway, thanks...Need the rear disks to stop my car when the new engine is in.