5speed swap

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Elder Driver
ok so i bought my third eg and its an automatic, so my other eg just blew up so there is my donor car so i have every bit of everythign i need to do it i even pulled out the clutch line with out kinking it at all so i am good there my problem is when i get this all back together and all that what wiring is involved for the neutral and park switch? i have a p28 5speed ecu and all that i just simply need to know how i am going to get the key out of my ignition and to start. would be great to have detailed info on the wiring. i know how to do all the mechanical work i am just no good with wiring. i have the swap trans mount from innovative mounts as well so all i need is those two wiring woes there resolved before i get this started this week end and i will make sure to take pics and possible write up a more detailed article on this swap so there is not so many questions. ps i also have the entire engine harness from my donor car as well if there is anymore wiring from the donor car i need let me know please before the salvage yard comes to get my car.
c'mon guys i would just like this info before i actually start so i dont hit a runt in the road while i am doing this.
do you have the haynes manual?? it give you the wire diagram for the automatic if not il run to my car and see how i did it post back soon
Hey Bud... this link should help u. Just fallow it, I did an entire swap on my 95 Coupe along time ago... like when I was a newbie to hondas... Just remeber ya need to run the reverse light wires and yep heres the link... Good luck, btw have a big pale for the auto trany fuild there is a crap load!

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