5th Gen Swap Q's

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Hey im looking at a 1992 vx hatch with the piece o crap D15Z1 and was wondering how easy or hard a 5th gen Si motor swap would be??

ne help would be much appreciated

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that is probably the most straight forward swap you could do for that car. your existing mounts will even work if you go with the d16z6.
another route you may consider is getting a b series engine if you plan on getting a little more in depth and really want to generate some power.
yup- POC (piece of cake :) )

you can even use the vx tranny if you want to, although the gear sucks for acceleration.
forgot about this post sorry

im trying to stay as cost effective as possible so i thought that would be a good choice. Plus this would be my first swap and i want to do most of the work myself. ( so no H22 or ls/vtec)