67210-SB2-000 Molding, Front Windshield 84 85 86 87 Honda CRX EW $110.00

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I have been restoring Gen 1 CRX's and have been getting desperate as the parts are going obsolete. Lately I have been reproducing the parts when I come across known good OE examples to work from. I do this as a hobby. I am usually lucky to break even on the tooling but I need the component myself so maybe others do, too.

So the most recent part is the 67210-SB2-000 Molding, Front Windshield for Gen 1 CRXs.

The part is an exact reproduction of the original molding found around the front windshield of 1st Generation CRX. The molding is exact down to the tiny details of asymmetric tabs. Single tab side is the glass side. This component has been verified to fit an undamaged Gen 1 body. See images. The molding comes with the other components that go into a windshield installation.

The kit that includes the following:

67210-SB2-000 Molding, Front Windshield – high quality reproduction QTY 1

67202-SB2-000 Rubber, Windshield Dam – equivalent reproduction QTY 1

67806-SB2-000 Spacer A, Fr Windshield – improved replacement QTY 2

The price is $110.00ea. Shipping is flat rate at $8.00 for the contiguous 48 states. Slightly more Alaska, Hawaii and outside the U.S.

The best way to install this molding is during the installation of the windshield. The molding is pushed into place immediately after the glass is set in the same applied urethane. In order to have excess urethane forced out in the direction of the molding installation, the manufacturer utilized a rubber windshield dam. I have seen many cars with this piece omitted in post OEM installations, even by professional installers. The dam not only ensures the adhesive flows in the correct direction but also sets the proper depth for the glass in the opening.

Please do email me if you have any questions concerning the parts. This includes the professional installers out there. I will not tell you how to do your job but I can offer advice on these particular cars that can make you job just a little easier.

I do not include front windshield glass or urethane adhesive.

If this molding does not match the one you see on the car now, it is most likely that the OEM Molding was replaced with a universal aftermarket during the life of the vehicle. This includes dealership installations after the components were obsoleted.


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