86 CRX carburated to B16 swap

86 CRX to B series VTEC...Has anyone tried this swap??...Seen it in Sport Compact but can't remember tha issue (or was it Super Street???) Anyone with experience swaping a FI engine to a previously carburated CRX please help!!!!...Have a 86 HF CRX with a blown bottom end and a new tranny(oops) Help!!! Hope to transplant a B16 or B18c1 ...All sugestions welcome.... :blink:


You can do it, but you'll be retrofitting the whole fuel system for injection. I think the Stupid Street article was about a CRX Si, which is already set up for injection.
Ok that makes sense. And i think you are right about it being an Si. Now to find an Si donor that isn't trashed or just roll this CRX off a cliff and go buy an Si. Thanks for the insight. Any one else got experience dealing with this change over?