86 CRX carburated to B16 swap

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86 CRX to B series VTEC...Has anyone tried this swap??...Seen it in Sport Compact but can't remember tha issue (or was it Super Street???) Anyone with experience swaping a FI engine to a previously carburated CRX please help!!!!...Have a 86 HF CRX with a blown bottom end and a new tranny(oops) Help!!! Hope to transplant a B16 or B18c1 ...All sugestions welcome.... :blink:
You can do it, but you'll be retrofitting the whole fuel system for injection. I think the Stupid Street article was about a CRX Si, which is already set up for injection.
Ok that makes sense. And i think you are right about it being an Si. Now to find an Si donor that isn't trashed or just roll this CRX off a cliff and go buy an Si. Thanks for the insight. Any one else got experience dealing with this change over?
It would be easier to get the Si to swap into. If you don't want the HF, I'll take it.