86 Teg And 88 Hb

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Hey masters of honda swap I call upon you god like beingss to help me with some questions.

I have 2 cars 86 teg and an 88 civic dx HB

1. what parts are swappable from the teg to the civic.

2. also you guys got any links on some how tos on how to do these

3. I want to make my own INtake so what parts do I need to get
(d15b2)to make it fit my engine.

4. Im workin with like 0 dollars right now so . what would be some good free or very cheap mods I can do to my car to get some type of performance boosts.

5. what parts from the teg (d16a1) motor can swap to the civic motor (d15b2)

This is not a post for people to talk that bullshit about get a b series or an h series because its not possible when you are broke. I am a good listener and I am truly a newbie Im looking for some good advice and things I can do to get it running just a bit faster. Im not looking to race anyone but maybe race a rex or hatchie at a stoplight every now and then. PLEASE once it gets a lil warmer out here I will really get serious about spending money . A swap is on the way in the future prolly the Z6 or the JDM (zc)sohc vtec d15B because of the swapability may even go for the dohc ZC but thats for later I want to break my trash d15 motor with 4 speed tranny. Please help guys once it breaks then I will really have to swap. PLease help guys :ph34r: :ph34r: :angry: :blink: :ph34r: :angry: :moon:
Correct me if I'm wrong...

But wouldn't it be a better option to just use the D16 over the D15?
Originally posted by stock88civic@Jan 14 2003, 12:48 PM
the D16a1 dosent fit into 4thgen civics :moon: J/K

Oh, well you learn something every day.

Then I'm not sure. As far as free goes, nothing in life is free.

Go to the junkyard and try to find a z6 or something for cheap. You could probably get one for less than a couple hundred and thats a decent engine to just play around with.
Free parts for an old D15? Not sure.

Swaping parts from the D16 to D15... seems reasonable but I'm not sure what kind of gains your looking at. Probably not significant.

In my opinion i'd just leave the D15 alone and rip apart the D16 and put it back together for experience. You will save money in the long run by being able to install your own internals (valvetrain), intake, header etc...
Keep the Teg to drop the engine back into when your done and see if it will start again :)
Some cheap mods, might cost a bit of money are:
replace stuck restrictive muffler with a cherry bomb or other cheap free flowing muffle. should only cost like 30 bucks.
Homemade intake
Advance the timing on Ignition and Exhuast. 4degrees intake and 2 exhuast should b good enough.
Cut your shifter so u can shift faster.
also my bed tip to going faster, learn how to drive your car well. a stock DX with a good driver can easily beat a Si guy that cant drive.
I'm assuming the Integra is busted and you are just trying to take everything you can from it. With that in mind, consider a DPFI-MPFI swap. This would involve taking the IM, fuel rail, injectors, and distributor from the teg and putting it into the Civic. I'm about 80% sure this is possible, if anyone knows otherwise please correct me. With the injector swap, you should probably be able to beat an Si rex with the SAME EXACT DRIVING AS YOU (that being said so I don't get flamed for predicting a paper race). The reason I think this is that the Si is as heavy as a 5th gen Civic, whereas your DX hatch is much lighter, and should only be a couple hp/ft-lbs short of the A6.

For a homemade CAI (if you can't afford to build one with piping), what you can do is pull off the plastic elbow from your stock air intake box and remove the resonator (you can also remove the plastic tube that runs along the front of your engine bay at this time) from the fender well. If you're feeling really adventurous, you can remove the lining from underneath the car and run some sewer repair or dryer tubing from the airbox down into the fender well and voila, you'll have a 'cold air intake' for about $2.

Other things to do: throttle cable adjustment, full tuneup, clean your engine bay, run some injector cleaner, adjust your timing and valve lash...there's lots more.

I know what it's like to not have a lot of money but still want to not be so slow (even when just passing uphill on a freeway). Be disciplined in saving your money, because cheap D-series swaps are plentiful and they'll make you happy enough for the time being.
bullshit, that D16 does to swap into your hatch. do that...then JUNK the D15 and JUNK the whole integ car. or put the D15 in the integ and sell it to ecology or some other CASH FOR CARS PLACE. you got a dual cam, and a little extra cash.... WHAT WHAT!??
Actually, pal, the A1 DOESN'T go into a 4g Civic. That is the only D that doesn't go into a 4g Civic--on SOME engines there are extra mount holes that allow you to move the mounts over (like on a ZC), but NOT on all of them.
Thanks for you help guys is there a how to on exactly how to do thos things. I think that I somewahat undersatnd how to make the CAI but the mpfi swap from the teg to the civic is a lil different than the ones that I have seen. because usually the mpfi swap is form an si with the a6 and not from a teg with the a1. ANY MORE HELP ????

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As for the MPFI swap, just do a search--it should be the EXACT SAME THING as the A6 except you'll have to find an Si distributor because there is no cylinder position sensor for the teg ECU to read. WHat else do you need to know?
so are you saying I can't use the integra's vacuum advance distributor with my ecu(pm5) or with the teg(pg7) ecu. also the teg is an automatic and the civic is a 4spd manual.

so what do I do???????????????????

Well, that double post wasnt as sexy as i planned it on being, but its clear u need help. dude as stated in the previous the d16a1 is the only D that wont fit in a civic, its also automatic, which would cost alot more money than u have to make fit. so drop that whole idea. if u want a bit more power, get the makeshift CAI out of dryer tubing, i know a guy that has it on an LS civic and it does the trick no problem. just run it from ur intake manifold down through the lower opening in engine bay and voiala u got a CAI. also advance timing like i said earlier, short throw, get that cleaner crap all over ur engine. injector cleaner, clean ur spark plugs, and oil additives that clean buildup, umm start looking for the Si parts for ur car and getting it MPFI, it will make it alot quicker and not so laughable. its always funny driving in a car when someone laughs at u, then u smoke him. Si's will laugh, they are usually morons that think the D16a6 is fast, they are heavy and will easily be beat by a DX with minor mods. also try gutting ur car it will make it alot lighter. 100-150 lbs ligher. if ur not into all that, take out spare tire and jack and back seat. they are the heaviest parts of your cars interior to take out. get CAI, short throw ,highflow muffler, advnce timing, clean oil injectors and sparkplugs and take out some unnecessary plastic in ur interior and go stomp some Si's.