87 cvcc SI 5spd into 87 cvcc hatch 1.0 4spd?

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Hey there,My 87 honda cvcc 1.0 4 speed tranny is fried, and I've gotta a line on a 5 speed out of a 87 cvcc hatchback SI. I was wondering if it would bolt right into my 87 without any mods, and if there would be any negative performance issues. Thanx Nils nils.anderson@sbcglobal.net
dude they quit cvcc a long time before '87,and WTF is a 1.0? does it say briggs and stratton on it? or 5hp?

I think he is right! I think the cvcc was up to 87. I think it was from 1973 or 75 to 1987. I think it was offered in a 1.3 8 valve or a 1.5 12 valve.

Yeah that tranny should work.just fine!

Wait for someone with more knowledge to chime in.
I'm no expert, but I'm gonna say it will work just fine. There's no reason for Honda to have designed a different bellhousing bolt pattern for the same year, same type engines.
ok,i just read up on this shit,honda DID make a cvcc from 75-87.but it was only on a 1.5 engine.the other engine is a 1.3 non cvcc.and yes the tranny will work,BUT si trannys have shorter gears,you will have better acceleration but your gonna be shiftin' more.
yeah, the motor in the DX CRX was the 1.5 CVCC . 200 vac lines.
An 87...
Can't you bolt in a D16A1 in that bad boy? Now that would be a worthwhile swap.
The D16A1 was a bastard engine, I'm pretty sure...
We need Airjockie to zerify
86-87 Integra D16A1 bolts right into the 3g Civic using the 86-89 Integra transmission, axles, knuckles/hubs, shift linkage and ECU - the Si wiring harness plugs right into the D16A1 - the 86-89 Integra and 84-87 Civic had the same basic chassis platform - you should probably use heavier torsion bars with the slightly heavier engine

if your car is not the Si model, you will also need the complete fuel system and most of the wiring from an Si model
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sory to intrude on someonelses need for help but i have an 87 cvcc 4dr 1.5 carborated. does anybody know where i can find a d16A1 and anybody who can help me with it cuz idk wtf to do to/with it.....oh and the tranny def bolts right up its like having an ls integra and u put a b18 tran jus a difference in your shift timing.
yeah, the motor in the DX CRX was the 1.5 CVCC . 200 vac lines.
fuck yes it has waaaaaay too many vacs... shit, took me over a week to mark them all to make it easier to do a head swap... them sonbitches is some real work... do yourself (op) a favor and stick a d in it, or better yet a b... but yeah umm i'm pretty sure that cvcc in a dx hatch (like the one i had) can be swapped out for a d series ... im relying only on the fact that the head gasket i had was for a wide range of d13-15 and also the stock motor