87 integra swap

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New Member
hey yall! im new to everything cars, but i bought an 87 integra recently and would like to do an engine swap. i found b series mounts already, and theres a scrap yard with a couple b18a1s, and transmission as well (if im not mistaken id have to swap that out aswell.) just wondering what are some red flags, as i want to build an engine for boost/turbo and turn this into a sleeper. any tips and advice are appreciated. my uncle whos done alot of b series swaps is recommending staying with the d series and finding a zc non vtec.
yeah, the zc or dohc d16a will be an easier swap, but the b-series is certainly possible. it really comes down to budget and time you want to spend on it.

if you do go with a b18a, you'll need the trans as well and i'm honestly not sure what shift linkage to use.