88 accord b20a swap4

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New to the forums. never really felt the need to post. Anyways im brought here as ive picked up an 86 accord, 5 speed expectadly. 360k on the original engine and it is knokcing. bought with the plans to swap the engine and ive done a bit of research and decided on a b20a from an old prelude. I come here asking if there are any key specifics i should look for. (wether things like jdm or usdm models matter)

I was also wondering if the transmission mounts and cv axels etc bolt up the same. overall just looking for an engine and trans swap that would be the tried and true honda plug in play bolt in style. Any alterntive recomendations for engine swaps are also encourged.

End goal of the build is forced induction and a half cage style street build. Not looking to do anything extremely complex or fabrication, just a simple winter project for the friends and myself. thanks for reading