OH 88 crx si partout trans various ecus sunroof visor ohio 45432

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PiX UP>> 88 crx si partout trans various ecus sunroof ohio dayton

i got a 88 rex si and a bunch of ecus from hondas you can check my feedback on ebay (cablesnmoore) 100% positive over 220+ transactions live in dayton ohio 45432
all these are from the 88 rex si no harness no motor no dash car is beat and rusty


trans no grind no pop i drove it home just greasy http://i671.photobucket.com/albums/vv75/ibdalovely1/crxparts007.jpg clutch and flywheel with it dont have the first idea how to ship it if i ship it it will be more of course

all the glass http://i671.photobucket.com/albums/vv75/ibdalovely1/crxparts003-1.jpg come get it dayton ohio 50.00 for it all you pull it

sunroof and visor it worked slow probably needs cleaned and lubed its got a couple little bubbles in the paint http://i671.photobucket.com/albums/vv75/ibdalovely1/crxparts001.jpg i try to get better pix on request

rear plastic panels http://i671.photobucket.com/albums/vv75/ibdalovely1/crxparts009.jpg

manual petals for a swap http://i671.photobucket.com/albums/vv75/ibdalovely1/crxparts015.jpg

tilt column http://i671.photobucket.com/albums/vv75/ibdalovely1/crxparts013.jpg

ecus prices are shipped

p1z-a01 96 delsol s 75.00

p2p-a84 98 civic got 2 40.00

p2e a01 96-98? civic 40.00

p2e a02 96-98? civic 40.00

p2e a12 96-98? civic small case 60.00

pob a01 Accord 94-95? 25.00
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i still have all the glass most if not all the interior panels they are black the rear tail lights headlights
this thing needs to go away or is going to the crusher and i dont want to crush something that might be good to someone
you can have them all you pick them up 75.00 to much to ship i can get pix to you later if you want
i should have asked you if you wanted the door panels or the back panels
100.00 for all the panels doors and rear but no dash gonna use it you just got to come get them in ohio 45432
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i would like to sell it as a whole but you got dibs on the panel if i cant sell it together less someone else wants the motor and tracks
do you have the drivers side door protector?

also, do you have a picture of the sunroof visor?
all i got is the pass side and the fenders trim there not in great shape
i will get a pic up of the visor in a min