89 accord needs rebuild

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I just purchased a super clean 89 accord LX. car is rust free and very clean. no tears or cracked dash.
I worked on it years ago and then the owner said it was burning oil like a two stroke.
My initial thoughts are to pull the motor and rebuild it.
this is a carb motor not fuel injectioned. what can be done to enhance the motor and where do you go for engine parts.
Ah shit man, I can't help if you want to stick with that motor, but maybe someone here will know whether you have to start with an EFI car to put a B series in or not.

I am sure you can go to a JDM site like Tiger Japanese and find a low low mileage engine from one of those that would be just a direct bolt in that will at least not have all the wear. I'd still tune it up and do the seals and timing belt but at least you'd be starting with a really great motor and probably only be out 400 bucks or so. Those are no fun though man, I avoid carbed Accords like the plague, so many vacuum lines it's ridiculous! I'd get a bolt in JDM engine and if you want more power, get another car to work with. You can only do so much with those older ones without extreme measures, but I bet headers and intakes and things like that are dirt cheap for it. Before you put a new motor in, you could check into a camshaft- that would be your best bet for a marginal power increase, I bet.
no problem, good luck with whatever you decide to do. If you have to pull the engine, I highly suggest using paint markers, taking pictures, labeling, whatever it takes to keep those vacuum lines straight. I'm not kidding about doing stuff while you're in there- I put a civic engine in once, it was my first swap, and the rear main dripped like a faucet. I literally could have replaced the seal for $10 in 10 seconds, but instead I put it all back together and then it cam down to having to pull the tranny or engine to fix it.
A20a3, 86k $200

I have a 89 accord lxi. But i am parting out bcuz im almost done wit my h22 swap.my a20a3 is fuel injected but the temp a20a3 that i bought bcuz the h22 swap was takin to long was carbed wen i got it so i never installed it n e ways.if intersted hit me up at 813 412 9884
Wow, even if that engine had over 150K on it that's not bad for an engine that runs ($200!)- I'd take him up on that, dialedin86. Just do like I said and replace the oil seals and timing belt before you put it in.