89 Civic 4 Door Question

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I just bought an '89 Civic 4 door with the 1.5L engine in it. The engine is burning oil like crazy, so I'm looking at doing a swap. Someone told me to find a D16Z6 engine and it would bolt up to my car and tranny very easily. What all would I need to do this, and would this be the most economical swap (read cheapest) that I could do. Thanks in advance.
for just a little bit more then the d16z6, you can probally find a b18a. The b18a were in the 2gen integras. This swap will be easier then the d16z6 because the z6 needs to be wired for vtec and it is OBD1. The b18a will not need any wiring because it does not have VTEC and it is OBD0. The b18a is a much better engine. It has alot more trq, a little more Hp, is reasonly priced and if you ever decide to go turbo in the future, it is a great engien to do it with. You will need new mounts and also tranny and ECU (tranny and ECU will come with the swap)
I would have to disagree about the b18 being easier to swap. He is going to have to do a wiring change with no matter swap he goes with since he has dpfi. Plus the z6 just bolts right up to his tranny. If he wants the b18 he will need to get a mount kit, cut shift linkage, axles, and little shit. The b18 is a better motor.
If I were you I would get a zc if you are just looking for more pep. The zc has close to the same power as the b18 but will be easier to swap and cost over a grand less to install. It is price the same as the z6 and you do not have to convert obd's.
If you live in CT buy my 91 civic dx 4dr with a z6 in it.
Where can I find info on a ZC engine? I'm a newbie at Hondas and need all the info I can get.