89 crx Hf!!!!!!!!!(motor swap)

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well i just got a 87 crx hr I wanted to know what motor can i put into this little thing.i know i can make it fast but i just like know if the civic and integra type R motors can be droped in without messing with the firewall???
please let me know someone..mahalo and aloha...
wait...is it an 89 or an 87?? your topic says 89. there is a big difference in those years.

if its an 89, u can put in the B16A1 (SiR) engine, or the B18c (bigger and more powerful...but more expensive too) those are common engine swaps for 2nd gen crx's. i think a little bashing of the engine bay may be required for the B18c, but i beleive the B16 would slip right in, since it came standard in the japanese crx.

i would ...and will be getting a B16 cause it has the most aftermarket support.
well its a 89 but remeber i dont want to mess with the firewall
and its going to be for speed but not to kill anyone(you know what I mean)???