89 Honda Prelude For Sale Jdm 18k Mile Motor.

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I have a 89 Prelude Si for sale. It has a jdm B20A motor with aprox 18k miles on it. Has all new fuel injectors, axels, front and rear brakes, clutch, inner and outer wheel bearings, oxygen sensors, tires. The car runs like a top and is very mechanically in great condition. It is red, has rust in the rear quarters, but that is normal for all older honda's. It has power windows, power sunroof, cruse and its a 5spd. Interior is spotless as well. Asking $2800. Must sell asap! Or trade for civic hatch? b16 hybrid? crx? Let me know! myinvestedagony@yahoo.com
or talk to me on aol instant messenger: waker59

I forgot to mention the trunk is full of spare parts if the buyer is interested. it has an intake w fuel injectors and throttle body, exhaust manifold, alternator, air conditioning condenser, all kinds of stuff and a spare head that was rebuilt for the old engine right before the old engine blew up