89 Integera Parts

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i have an entire 89 tegra i am parting out if you need anything drop me a line at
I will pay the shipping on most parts
the engine is the d16ai doch motor with auto tranny will fit any d series I have two auto tranneys and will trade for a manual
Urgent, How much for the ECU? Is it a Auto ECU or 5spd. Do you have 5 speed Axleshafts? E-mail MMe!! ASAP
how much for the complete engine? OR engine head, intake manifold, fuel rail, throttle body as a set? the front rotors, calipers, and brackets rear brakes, rear axle, parking brake cables, and rear sway bar?
the complete swap is about 600 for the hubs axels mount ecu throttle body and harness injectors water pump ect and a mostley uncut harness ie the spots were we need to only
the roterer calipers axel make me a offer

canadian funds
how are canadas cash converted from the us cause 600 sounds alot if it is about the same as the us