89 Tegra Lowering?

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Senior Member
I have a buddy that bough an 89 tegra he wants to lower it but it has torrson bar front end?
does any one know of a companey that sell a replacement kit for this car?
somthin dosnt sound rite a torsion bar is just like a spring if u take it out thae car will set on the shock bumper there should be more adjusstment from factory ride hight to no ride hight
Get the torsion bars frm a 85-87 civic wagon they are alot stiffer. Sorry you will never get a three inch drop. The 1st gen Integra don't have the same amount of travel as the later platforms. You should be able to get 1.5 though. I'm not sure but I want to say Hasport has after market ones but I could be wrong.