90-93 Integra Fell Into My Hands

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Ok I have a 92 CX HATCH, i can get a 90 to 93 integra for $150 it runs but not that great, i wanna rebuild it and put it into my hatch. The cars rear end is totalled but the front clip is fine. I will have everything I need with the entire front clip or will I still need parts from a newer integra.

If this motor will go in then I can afford a turbo a whole lot quicker than if I order a jdm B18B or B16A

please help

Thanks in advance


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You'll have everthing,but you need a hydraulic B series tranny(to match your cars hydraulic system),the teg used a cable clutch on the B18A1.


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you can use a cable traany if you buy th econversion kit? it would be cheaper than a hydro tranney


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thanks alot for the help guys, i dont think i can pass this deal up, a b18 for 150 bucks, full front clip, perfect for my hatch and my budget. later on i can go to either nos or turbo.


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he can still use the stock mounts, so ive been told.. and the shift linkage should be included with the front clip.. i think..


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i can get a 90 to 93 integra for $150

very nice find! if i had an oppotunity like that, i would jump on that shit. keep us updated with your progress with your project. good luck.


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150 for a runnin teg better rebuild that motor and hell of a great deal!!! :D