90 accord starts but doesnt run

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Rest In Peace
a buddy of mine has a 90 accord with a f22. tonight he took out his car and 2 blocks later it made a popping sound and died.

the car will start and idles ruff and when you step on the gas it dies. i tried to check the codes, but I tried to find the plug like on the civic and couldnt find any.
need help finding the plug to see if it is throwing any codes.

I checked the plugs and they are all fine. its dark and cant see if it jumped timing or not. my buddy tells me that the motor was rebuilt 20000 mile ago.

you guys have any ideas please help me out asap. i have never worked on an accord and am kinda lost on what could be wrong


Rest In Peace
thanks to my boy twistedimage for the help on the phone.
checked the codes and its throwing code 3 and 15

got the car started and to my buddies house. going to check the map sensor tomorrow.