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learning in progress
10,000 to spend, 115000 miles, Street racing
i say swap it... 100,000 dont sound like it gotta lot of time left in that car.... so i think u shood jus get a whole new motor... and if u have 10 g's u can swap it get a couple of bolt-ons.... and some brakes and suspensions... and i still think u have enough for ur turbo... jus customize it... i saw on ebay that it only costs 1 g...i bet u'll still have some pocket money :D
well, do you want to stay n/a? or go turbo. if i was in your situation i would go ls/t. if you have that much money, rebuild the bottom end, then you should have money left over for a sweet turbo setup. dont really know how much it would be to fully rebuild your bottom end, but i would go that route, IMO. good luck.
what does n/a mean? i would like the best solution for my money, i would also like to do some paint and interior meters and seats. thanks for all your inputs.
N/A is Naturally Aspirated. No forced induction, (turbo, super charger) or Nitrous. I think if you have 10,000 to spend, put a LS/T (turbocharged integra LS motor) in it. Port and polish the head, port match the intake manifold, Wiseco Pictons, Eagle Rods, suspension upgrade, wheels and tires. 10 g's can you get you a 10 sec daily driver.
if the engine has 100k+ on it.. and he's going to turbo.. he is obviously going to replace the pistons... while the pistons are out, the cylinder walls should be checked to make sure they are in top notch condition, he could have them bored a little even if there are flaws. no sense in getting another engine. that one can be rebuilt just fine. 10 g's is a lot to play with. you can have a very fast car
if i do swap what motor? i was thinking of a b16 . supercharged. healthy choice? :worthy:
Originally posted by Integra1990@Feb 25 2003, 05:09 PM
gsr/t if tuned properly and built properly it will beat a ls/t no matter what powerband argument u can give.

Can you prove it?
Lets not get into this. On a budget (he is on a budget) ls/t will be better ESPECIALLY SINCE HE ALREADY HAS AN LS MOTOR IN HIS CAR! Drop it, if he does anything ls turbo should be it. By far the most cost/time effective choice for him. And you could make your car pretty dam fast with $10k, just so you know.