90 civic hb Dx DPFI to MPFI Ecu wiring issues

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I've seen videos, cheat sheets on the wiring and depinning I've started but quickly ran into brick wall. I’ve looked at diagrams and I start then I notice the color codes don’t match at all in my A connector. I have 3 red wires I’ve seen videos and it looks like A1A3A5&7 are all next to each other.

Out of the 5 wires I think I got 1 and that’s a maybe A3 is light blue mine is not light it’s a darker blue with yellow can anybody please point me the right way thx
Never done this myself, but here is a link with some pics and whatnot that might be helpful

DPFI to MPFI writeup

its older so the linked pics are broken, but they are manually attached at the end so you should be able to open them still

hope it helps
Thx bud this is the easiest and best out there this wRite up is the one I’ve been going by but when it tells me this wire goes this and that color that where my issue is I have multiple reds and yellows and the diagram shows that the pins go all next to each other on my harness that ain’t the case I’m so close but now so far I’m going in circles I’m so f**** here!! Today it’s do or die I’m gonna shower and go with my gut feelings asi attack this problem I’ve reached out and can’t figure it out this is RussianRoulette today
Right on thats what I did I hope it works out still confused but we’ll see when it comes in I f****d up all this time long story but thx y’all I do appreciate y’all 2 cents on direction and help I’m new to the Honda seen I’m juggling working on 350z and my civic my Z has been a pain in the ass pulling the motor a few times but another story and another forum ✌️Y’all


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