NJ 90 crx for sale

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boostless and proud!
I have a 90 crx pretty much stock I have to sell it cuz I have 2 cars and have to get a trans for my other car, and have a kid on the way, and I'm going active in army. Has 204,000 on the odometer but the guy who had before me put a 89 civic d15 in it, so could have more or less. It drives smooth no leaks, no problems at all except for a small grind into second, more of a buzz, real minor grind, no affect on shifting. Small rip in driver side seat, usual wear. Megan racing short shifter and knob. Pretty much unmolested, body is real solid, NO RUST! Has si door panels, car is not an si. I'm 90 percent sure its an hf, which means its the lightest model. Good car all around, good for swap, I was planning on taking my h22 out of my eg and put it in this car until I seen that the mounts are 675 alone, and a butt load of work, and then I have a kid on the way so no time for projects. Also does not burn oil or smoke! askin 1700 firm as is comes with alpine 12inch type r, and memphis audio amp. My loss your gain. Gonna try to gets pics up tommorrow. If interested email me at itsdayosht@aol.com or text me at 7326049598, better off emailing me, but try both. O and car is black and has hids. 1700 firm, or trade+cash if you have a transmisssion for a. H22
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Ok, I'm tired of editing.i did some research on the car, its actually a dx, and it really does have 204xxx miles last owner said the the odometer was with the engine and it was out of another crx dx,(d15b2). I don't know how to upload pics, so for now, text me and I will be able to text you pictures, and I think its better that way so if want to see something specific I can take the picture and send it to you. But I will try to get pics on here today again. Or you can pm me, also found out that there is coilovers on the rear, not sure of the brand, I realized it when I cahnged the rear tires.
I know I'm supposed to put up pics but I'm honestly computer retarted, and most of the time I do this off of my blackberry, and when I did go to a pc I couldn't figure it out. But if someone can explain it I can have pics up tommorow, sorry again about the pics.
Slushbox I never got the text, had to get a new phone, text again if you want. Sorry
hey tip for pics on here: make photobucket account, upload pics then drag and drop on HS
Not tryin to knock the sale, but whats up with the passenger side fender? looks like it's a little crooked. Also, just an h22 tranny for trades?
its the hood, it was bent and the light wasnt mocked up right, i fixed the hood just by twisting it a bit and fixed the light, it makes the fender look like its crooked. ill try to get recent pics up, cuz i took the old ripped si seats out and put in my eg si seats. and h22trans plus cash for a trade.
Where in GA? I just had a friend headed for Basic at Benning.
Nice. You get to police the Army Ranger 3rd Battalion. Sounds like fun. At least maybe learn some cool shit.
Damn, wish you were taking vehicle trades. I kinda want a rex, but I don't have a lot of cash. got a truck and a bike to get rid of, but you're gone anyway i guess. GL with the army my man.