90 LS trans syncro problem!!!

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New Member
Sup guys finally got my hatch running perfect after all the work i had to do with the wiring. But now my fifth gear pops out when im on the freeway but my question is should i replace that syncro or should i just find another tranny? And if i replace that syncro down the line would any of the other syncros go bad?
it's not the synchro, it's wear on the shift fork because you (or whoever owned that trans) would drive in gear while resting his hand on the shifter.
right, because he drove while resting his hand on the shifter, preventing the shifter from popping out.
If you want to look at the write-up in my post to take a look at the insides of the tranny.
yes you will most likely need more than the syncro for 5th gear as a poping out of gear problem is a little more serious