91 civic hatch dx shell 500.00?

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im in minnesota its the honda baby blue color the person i got the car from drove it for fuel economy so most of the miles are highway i have owned the car for 6 years or so had a b16 in it for 1 year there is a tiny tiny bit of surface rust and a little body damage (was there when i bought it) it must have been sideswiped or something the back side of the driver door and the quater are dented and the molding is gone has some cheap coilovers front sway bar from a crx front and rear strut tower bar tail lights the carbon fiber ones has integra gs wheels on it from the car i put my motor in and needs a heater fan and a couple of wire pins for the ecu plugs e-mail me if interested and it would be nice if whoever is interested would be willing to come get it or meet me half way or something