91CRXdx DPFI to MPFI ecu jumper help please I beg yu!!!!!

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I am still stuck and my swap isn't fired up yet , I have one quick question for a swap guru , when it comes down to your ecu jumper harness if I got one for a Integra DA , civic , CRX si (al of these are obd0 but mpfi STOCK ) that is meant for obd0 to obd1 , would this jumper harness work with my 91 Honda CRX dx ( it's DPFI stock ) and I am using the Zerg industries ecu jumper harness obd 0-obd 1 on a p28chipped ecu map for chrome on the B16A swap I am running (ecu wa in a working crx with b16 before obtained from DNR peformance in San Jose and car will turn over but won't start ? I am staring to question the ecu jumper harness have I mistakenly got the wrong one ,??!,?? I see online shopping results on eBay for cheap ecu jumper harness for obd0-obd1 and title goes as is ACURA CIVIC CRX ECU JUMPER OBD0-OBD1 ?!?!? Is the CRX part only meant for the si since its MPFI STOCK? while mine isn't its DPFI original and I just modified my stock harness for the b16swap the RIGHT WAY. I tripple million checked all my connections and I'm good ! Now I do see an expensive BOOMSLANG ECU JUMPER HARNESS DPFI OBD0-OBD1 MPFI for a whomping $150.00!?!? This title I like more than the last it gives me a reassurance that this might be my problem but I want some help from a pro I am still a noob :ph34r: