92 Cx Wiring Question

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I have been researching my swap (B16a3 into 92 cx) and I have a question about the wiring. I have read a number of contradicting things about the wiring. I have heard that only the VX and SI are wired for v-tec. Also I heard every model in 92 is wired correct. I also read that you only have to wire the knock sensor. What is fact and what is fiction? Thanks!
yes all 92 civics are pre-wired for VTEC

you only need to run the knock sensor if the ECU you are using supports it .... JDM engines do not come with knock sensors and a (chipped) P28 does not support them

if you are running the B16A3 with the P30 ECU you will need to run a knock sensor
you need to convert to a 4-wire o2, corect.
the ecu you use can be either a p30 or chipped p28 to run a dohc motor. I suggest the p28 and hodata. other programs on a chipped p28 aren't fopr YOUR motor, and p30s are 300 going price due to their rarity.
the rest of the wiring is there... plug it in
92-95 civics all have wiring for vtec in the harness,yes.The si and vx (also the ex coupe) are the only one's that have it running to the motor,yes.So on a cx you'd have to A)find it in the harness and tap into it,or B)run separate wires through your bay and firewall to the ecu and pin it out yourself.As far as the knock sensor you'd have to do the same (run the wire yourself).
Not exactly sure if the cx has four or five wire o2 sensor.If you need to change it you can go the lazy way (like I did) and get a jumper harness,or you can call hookups (I'm sure some other place could do it but I know these guys are good,thats why I'm plugging them) and ask if they'll walk you through the rewire.They may or may not.Then again there may be a tech article on this some where but I have yet to see it.
Not sure,but now that you mention it,yea it isn't four or five it is one or two. :unsure:
92b16vx-how can I find it (VTEC) on the harness or on the ecu? Where can I get the 02 converter? Thanks for your help. Also is it just one wire that runs to the knock sensor?
if your running it with the P28 you cant run a knock sensor .... the P28 does not support them
So is it not a problem to not hook it up (because it's not supported) if I have the p28, will if not make a difference having the sensor not hooked up?
the P28 doesnt even know what a knock sensor is... you can hook it up if you want but the ECU will not look for it or have any clue what to do with it
I understand that but what I was saying is having the sensor not hooked up in the engine won't effect the engine's performance.
sorry to bite off your post, but does anyone know how a 4 wire o2 sensor hooks up on a p30. i have the pinout and i only see 2 spots for the o2 sensor. are the other 2 grounds or what?
Originally posted by dansace@Jan 12 2003, 11:50 PM
I understand that but what I was saying is having the sensor not hooked up in the engine won't effect the engine's performance.

youll be fine as long as the engine is running well and you use good gas... the knock sensor just detects pinging and retards the timing.... use good gas and you shouldnt have to worry about it...
i dont thnk anyone outside the US uses knock sensors (i know japan doesnt have them)... something about cheap ass americans trying to race on 87 octane lol
Ya,you won't have to worry about the knock sensor if it's not hooked up because it won't be sending a signal to tell the ecu to do anything,and like they said if your using a p28 it doesn't look for it anyway.
cool...thanks for all your input guys. 92b16, where did you get your 02 jumper harness? Which ecu are you running? When I drop in the b16 will all the plugs for the engine plug right in?thnks
DC sports got me the jumper,but I am in Kosovo right now and am not going to say it is 100% right because I haven't put it in yet,though they said it is exactly for the swap I did.The other thing is I swapped a EDM B16A2 from a 93 VTi that doesn't run a knock in the first place so the P30 ECU I have doesn't look for it.I am not sure about the stateside one or JDM.As far as everything plugging in,I used the harness from my VX on the B and one plug needed to be moved (white plug on intake manifold) and another extended,also at the end of the harness there was one plug left without a home.