92 GSR axel problems

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I have a 92 GSR that I can't get the drivers side axel to seat all the way into the intermediate shaft. I have a JDM B18c bottom end and a YS1 transmission. I just need to know how I can fix this problem before it gets worse. Any help would be appreciated.
if you have the right axle, it should go in with a little whack from the old dead blow hammer
take a block of wood BIG and give it hard steady whops itll,go in ,it can be hard,but it will
I had to do the same thing as the previous folks said. I used a piece of a 4x4 and took a hammer to it and they went in. I did not have to beat the crap out of it but had to hit it pretty good.
you could always take the int. shaft out and put it together outside the car, thats what i did for my build, just when putting it back in the car make sure the inner part of the axel doesnt pull apart.
Thanks 91 stylin civic i think that i will try that approach and see how it works. I have tryed the other ways the other members said this past weekend but none of them seemed to work so I will try this way.
do you have the correct axle on the driver's side? - the driver's side inner CV joint has splines full length where the passenger side has splines only about half length

Jlicrx do you know where I can find an intermediate shaft and axel combo that wont cost me an arm and a leg?
I am not sure where you are located but here is a site that you can look up yards any where. Car-Part.com. I use it all the time and go under the state I live. Hope this will help.