92 Honda Accord Build Thread

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Hey guys to introduce my self my name Robin I was introduced to this forum by my friend Xanatos. Im building a 1992 Honda Accord EX. For the moment I am strapped for funds. I'm going to slowly try and turn it into a decently powerful "Sleeper". It has the F22a Engine and 137k miles on it. I bought it used from an elderly couple who babied it and garage kept it. Its interior is mint and the body is clean except for a small rust spot/dent that I have now cleaned up and bondo'd and plan to paint soon. So far the only things I have changed in it are a nice double din head unit from a Toyota SUV my neighbor gave to me. Here are some pictures of it. Any help/ ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Rob.


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Yes Rob is my fellow ricer. His accord is super clean though.