92 rear window wing?????

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i asked this in a thread in the market area but figured i might get more answers here. im trying to find a wing for the rear window of a 92 cb7. ive seen them on the 94-97 but i dont think thoses would fit a 92 maybe with a little modifying it ? i want a differant look on my cb and want one of these wing really bad so any help on this would be appreciated.
I have an extra rear wing that was on an 1992 honda accord

He's looking for one that attaches at the top of the rear window, not a trunk-mounted spoiler. And honestly, I don't even know if they make such a thing for the 90-93 Accords...
yeah i dont think they do so im gonna end up having to spend a arm and a leg to try and get one made. i think it would look badass on it cause its something you dont see very often on a accord

Here is where it is at...
yah www.cb7tuner.com but you need to read the beginner stickies to get into the for sale section.
The guy on there selling them is blizzard335. or you can search blizzshade, thats what they are called!

here are pics, he only makes them for sedans right now, not coupes.
But email him before buying, they were having a problem with sag in the middle due to temperature.
I think the new batch is reinforced!





finally i can see what it would look like mine would be there by itself with out a trunk wing so it would stand out a little more but i cant get onto the part of the fourm to order it cause they still have yet to send me a verification code for the site.