92 shell

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New Member
i have a 92 hatch shell
full interior , rims, just pulled a b18 out of it, i have a few motors laying around (stock si motor) and a jdm b16 i can put in it if you want.
if not im taking offers on the shell.
no rust and has new fenders hood and bumper unpainted (never wrecked just had dents)
located in annapolis md
call alan at 443 562 3873

you would probably get a little more for it if you put the bumper and some headlights on it.

good luck with sale.
i have the red one cut out for a front mount and i have a new stock one, those are just pics ill put it together depending on how people want to buy it.

ill paint the front , if they want it and offer the money.

i have the other headlight, it was just out when i was pulling it apart
how much for the car alone...... and for the car with a stock si motor(not swaped back in)..........and for the car with the jdm b16(also not swaped in)

Put in some headlights & the b16 and ill come down with 2cash and drive it home. just drive it for a week so i know it wont die on me on the way home