92'si motor into a 91'si crx


just wondering if a stock 92'si hatch will bolt right into a 91'crx si???trying to find another way of increasing the horse power in the crx. i have this motor 92'si laying around but was not sure if i need to do any mods????any suggestion ????trying to use the crx as a daily driven car. i'm currently trying to drop a motor into my hatch.first timer so any help with the crx will do, while i'm still trying to figure out the type r motor im dropping into my hatch.....


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Yes, the motor will bolt right in. Since you have the so model, it is already wired for multi-port fuel injection, but you will need to get an obd 0 to obd 1 harness, or wire you existing harness to handle the vtec. You can use your stock si tranny from the 91 (suggested) and also use the 91 clutch...make sure the clutch is for the same year of whatever tranny your using to ensure that the spines match up. You will the sohc vtec ecu from either the 92-95 ex or si. Beyond that...eveything else is cake. Its a relitively easy swap...stock mounts, most of the stock wiring, but you get more hp/torque and you have vtec...good luck...hth