93 Accord Door Panel

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- Not sure where else to put this, but anyway. I need to get to my power window motor on my 93 accord and im having trouble removing the door panel on teh inside. The handle latch w/ molding is on tight and i dont know if there is a screw or what holding it in place. Any help? End.
:blink: OK, now don't go getting pissed off and break it, that's what I did. The whole handle assembly slides forward to lock into place, and to the rear to unlock. There is of course one small screw to keep it from sliding in the mean time. After that, you need to turn the clip that grabs the bar that actually opens the door(the bar that attaches to that same assembly). After that, there are a few screws, one by the pocket, and another thingy at the top front of the panel. There are plastic clips holding the panel to the door itself. After you pry them loose, you will have to lift up on the door panel to release it from the window channel. If you have power windows, locks, etc, the drivers door has a buttload of wires. I believe I had to disconnect one from the door light, and then three harnesses at the main switch part of the door panel. There are about three or four bolts for the regulator and motor assembly that hold/adjust it on the door. There are two bolts that hold the glass to the regulator. You basically have to move the glass up and down for access to those bolts. So the best way to do the regulator/motor change is to use a razor blade to carefully move the plastic barrier out of the way(cut the sealant if you can, and keep it clean, it will mostly stay sticky and go back when you are done...). Remove the glass carefully, to the outside of the door. Unbolt the assembly from the door. I believe I rolled it all the way down, and moved it out one of the access holes. Also, during this process, to make things easier, keep the door panel close, so you can reattach the wires and move the regulator up and down. I know it's kinda hard to get everything that I just said, but it all makes sense once you do it. Honda sells a fancy tube of special lubricant(sounds kinky) for about fifteen bucks. Buy it. By the time you are at this point, your window not sliding easily probably burned up the old unit. Plus, your new one will work a lot nicer if you lubricate inside the window channel. You don't need to use a lot, but remember that the friction happens where the edge of the glass touches the window channel rubber. Any other kind of lubricant will end up greasy or sticky, trust me, I tried everything. Installation is the opposite of the above, except that you have to adjust the new unit so that your window does not drag too much in the front or the rear, and it closes fully and properly.

PS, if you have a question about this, just email me at tysonburgess@hotmail.com I have a 1992 Accord, and I've done it myself. Do it right the first time and save yourself some hassle.
As always, good luck. :sleep: