93 Civic Hatch H22A Problem... HELP !

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Hello everyone. New to this forum. Hopefully I can get some help resolving my issue.
Ok, where to begin...

So I recently bought a 93 Hatchback with a jdm H22A already swapped.
It was using some really crappy mounts that made the motor sit really low and far back against the firewall. So just today we replaced the crappy mounts with the Hasport EGH2 Mount Kit. The engine now rests a lot higher and brought it forward about an inch or so. (Installed new coilover kit up front as well, same day)

Now... all of a sudden there is a very, very loud clicking noise when driving as if the axle or hub is broken. it makes the whole car rumble. (you can feel it very vigorously)

any ideas what could have caused this to happen. Could it be from the relocation of the motor that the axles loosened up or something? Im stuck. Dont know what it is..

We also noticed that one of the inner cv hoods is torn and spewed grease everywhere. But the noise and force made seems too much to be the cv joints...

Any help, ideas, thoughts, comments would be much appreciated. thanks...
its from the ripped boot on inner axle hub ,just take it apart and replace it with new boot or axle and that should fix your problem p.s. make sure you clean all the dirt and stuff out of bearing then repack grease and replace boot, if this helps rep me up.. thx,bro
did you remove the axles for the mount change? if you did then you may have pulled the end of the axle out of the cup and a bearing fell off. its happened to me before, and there was a bad ass vibration with clicking