93 Civic Si

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I know you guys have seen the same threads over and oaver about what to swap in an eg civic. Mine is a 93 Si. I was really set on a b18c from a Teg type-r, but after reading a few threads I'm thinking of an H22a or something like that. What do u guys think about all the different swaps? I'm itchin to get a motor soon. Need a reliable swap. Looking at turbo as well.


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well first of all, you probabyl don't want an ITR motor if your going Turbo.

Second of all, h22 into a civic is not as easy as a b18c, however it is possible. It's even becoming more popular.

My reccomendation, if your going boost, is a GSR motor.
My reccomendation for n/a is to stick with an ITR.

In my opinion, the whole h22 into civic deal still has some kinks in it, especially with the whole weight distribution thing. However, I will not say it's a bad swap beacuse once it's completed, usually the cars are awesome.


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I have a B16 and I like it.It was easy and cheap,but I am not into going as fasst as humanly possible everywhere I go.Also I can boost it pretty easily if I ever want to get faster.If I could have found a GSR for the same or a little more I would have gotten it,but I don't see a thousand bucks as being worth it to me.If you have the money,go for the GSR or ITR.The H22 is going to end up being in the same neighborhood as far as cost of a either,meaning about in the middle.