93 Del Sol Si, Swap

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Just curious on some opinions. For a note I have to keep the engine completely stock for the time being, due to insurance and parents. I've noticed a few people have done a b16a swap into a Del Sol was looking for some input on that. And has anyone ever done the GSR? right now thats the one im leaning torwards. Or the LS/VTEC, which a friend is nagging me to do since he has an old LS engine rotting in his garage. If you've done any of these swaps into a Del Sol or know someone that has please post some positives and negatives if you could. Thanks. Looking to keep it pretty much an everyday driver, just going for a little extra pep to show off.
If you can get the LS bottom end for nothing (or close to) and the sleeves are in decent shape, then the LSVTEC would be worth it. If you have to pay a lot for it or it needs new sleeves then go with the B18C. The swaps cost about the same if you have to pay for the LS block.
I would say get the LS block if you are getting it next to nothing and boost it! Also if you are in cali than the LS/VTEC swap will not get reffed! They will turn you away!
Originally posted by rmerrell@Oct 2 2002, 09:57 AM
put a big block 350 chevy motor in that bad boy.. haha j/k

Or you could pull your eyballs out, that would be about as much fun.
Well the del Sol is a heavy car because of more supports for the targa top. It is much better to put the gsr instead of the b16 in there because of the extra tourque. Spend the xtra little cash and go for the gsr. If you do put an IS/VTEC in there it is alot of work. (READ THE FAQS about that one.) With the weight of the sol you sould get gsr or is/vtec. my vote is for the gsr. If you had a hb, i would have voted for the b16
I love mine, but the only reason I went LSVTEC was I already had the LS block so it was actually cheaper than doing a B18C1 swap. There is no real benefit to the LSVTEC if you don't have access to a cheap/free LS bottom end. (I don't count 35 cc's a big benefit)
Was it the CRX or the del sol that when you did a b18c1 swap you had to raise the car because the oil pan.....? I think it was CRX so the b18c1 sounds like a plan, why not ball out wit it?
depending on the condition of the ls i say lsvtec... but if you're gonna go lsvtec, dont try to be cheap about it, build it right while you're in it.