93 integra ls 5spd.


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Originally posted by Slammed90Lude@Mar 30 2004, 05:44 PM
and it is teh suck

acutally a YS1 is good for turbo setup because its long gears, however the S1 an J1 that came in the beast are good for all motor apps becuase of shorter gears. then there's rare A1 that I dont know shit baout but know it came in the car. Not all cars came with teh YS1, the tranny I got came out of a 90 GS integra and it's an S1.


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actually it sucks....you want to have shorter gear ratios, to run 1/4 faster. i dont want to wait 10 minutes to get through 2nd gear. pissedoffsol has explained this MANY times over and over.