94-95 Delsol Dohc Vtec Harness

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I wanna be sedated
I would like to find one,as opposed to cutting and lengthening my existing harness.So if anyone's got one,or another that is compatible with a siRII (93 EDM B16A2) and the 92 VX canon plugs,let me know.
use your vx harness and use a 4 wire o2 sensor.

its much easier, and you just need to add a wire for the knock sensor.
My plan is to just extend the vtec wires,but if I can find one that won't have to be cut for a good price why not keep it all clean and nice looking (of course it would take less time to cut tape and clean up than switch harnesses)?Also the EDM B16A and the P30 here doesn't run a knock yippeeeee.Someone stole the o2 out of the vx motor while it was in the garage :angry: so now I gotta find one of those too.
its way easy man. i had to run all the vtec wires, the 4 wire o2, and knock sensor. it sucks but its better than paying for shit. and it looks good. i just bought some plastic wire covering from walmart and taped it up nice.